Civil War Soldier Artifacts

The Horse Soldier Collection is a comprised of thousands of military antiques with items dating from the American Revolution to World War II. The strongest emphasis is on the American Civil War. More…

Staff & Field Sword with Scabbard identified to Civil War Captain Elihu Grant. See details
Paper image of Civil War Officer Henry Robinson Sibley seated in a thoughtful pose. See details
Sears family Naval album from Civil War. See details
Complete Confederate officer's uniform of Munson Monroe Buford. See details
Ladder badge identified to Civil War Soldier George Osman. See details
Photograph of Lt Col. Samuel McKelvy. Grandfather, Father and son. See details
Carbine Box identified to Confederate Soldier Olivy Crosby. See details
Sutler George Hobbs memorabilia: Tintype, manuscripts, North-South Trader article. See details
Veteran Medals identified as identified to James McLaughlin. See details
WWI Naval Officer Sword identified to Hayden Crocker. See details
Revolver identified to Civil War Private Charles Spears of Pennsylvania. See details
Large Albumen of Civil War Colonel Alfred Baker Smith. See details
1896 Krag rifle with bayonet used in Spanish-American War. See details
Small finger silver ring identified to Civil War Soldier William Holloway. See details
Bullseye canteen with cloth cover and sling identfied to Civil War Soldier Lewis Nauman. See details
Officers 1850 foot sword identfied to Civil War Soldier Benoni Buck. See details
Bust View of Civil War Lieutenant Charles J. Chatfield. See details
.50 caliber Gallager carbine rifleidentfied to Civil War Sgt. Sharon Case. See details