Introducing Fold3 WarStories

Fold3 WarStories

The Civil War may be the defining event in our country’s history. But the Civil War was not just a single story. It is more than 3 million stories all woven together. Every man who fought has his own story that impacted his family, his community and all the generations that came after. Stitched together, those individual stories define who we became as a nation.

Ancestry® and Fold3® have been helping people understand their ancestors and the men who fought for causes large and small for decades. Now, Ancestry®, Fold3® and American Battlefield Trust are joining forces so that you can find the veterans in your family’s past and undferstand their stories and the impact on the generations that followed.

The Trust has been shedding light on the where, what and the famous and infamous for decades, but Ancestry®, Fold3® and the Trust are partnering to help you discover your family’s soldiers and their stories starting with the Civil War. And that is just the beginning, Revolutionary War and War of 1812 veterans and their stories will be added in eventually as well.