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  • Over 543 million original documents with millions added every month.
  • The internet's best Revolutionary War, Civil War, WWII and Vietnam War collections
  • …and more. See below

Millions of people and thousands of institutions use Fold3 to discover and make sense of history. Fold3, where history just might surprise you.

Fold3 is a web site that makes historical documents available

“I could spend hours and hours poring through the documents available here.”

-Dick Eastman, EOGN

Highest Rated Website - Four Stars

“With an appeal reminiscent of the History Channel, this smartly designed resource lets you create a gallery of photos, family trees, and much more. Cutting-edge in every way.”

-Barb Kundanis, Library Journal

This site has been a godsend to me

“There are so many records on [Fold3], that are nowhere else on the internet. And since I am disabled and can't travel, this site has been a godsend to me. ”

-Pianist1340, Fold3 Member

Impressive database of original historical documents

“Great resource for history buffs, students and researchers who need primary sources.”

-Gina Trapani, Lifehacker.com

6 Cool Interactive Sites To Learn More About American History

“It's one thing to read about history in books and from journals or soldiers, but it's quite another to see the snapshots and official military photographs that show you the faces of those soldiers and the locations where they served.”

-Ryan Dube www.makeuseof.com

Share your own knowledge and research about historical documents

“Stuff like [Fold3] makes the internet what it should be - an affordance for collaborating on stuff you would never in a million years be able to do by yourself. Crowdsourcing at its finest.”

-Merlin Mann

Fold3 instantly brings history to your fingertips

“Seeing actual original documents like this is something no textbook can parallel. This is the sort of stuff that turns people into historians.”

-Lisa Ruefenacht PC Magazine

Really helping me with our genealogy research

“The tour of your features was great! The entire website is too—really helping me with our genealogy research. Thanks!!”

-Lucycakes, Fold3 Member

What a wonderful site

“I totally LOVE [Fold3]!!!!!! What a wonderful site. Thankyou so much for making it possible for people to be able to add their own story pages (and for free) and to be able to use their talents to write articles. Not only that, but I am grateful that I have the “perfect” website to share my family histories with others. “

-whitedaisy, Fold3 Member

Award winning website

“I consider these features as innovative and transformational. I expect to see other genealogy content providers follow [Fold3]'s lead.”

-Mark Tucker, Think Genealogy

Without traveling many miles to the Archives

“I love the site—The opportunity to be able to access all of these original documents without traveling many miles to the Archives (not to mention dealing with city traffic) is wonderful—especially since I work full time. Thanks!”

-hwelch, Fold3 Member

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  • Over 543 million original documents with millions added every month
  • Almost all the documents are found nowhere else on the web
  • The internet's best Revolutionary War, Civil War, WWII and Vietnam War collections

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  • Connect related documents
  • Annotate and add comments
  • Create your own gallery of images

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  • Create web pages for people, places and events and invite family to view and contribute
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