Top 10 reasons why 1930 US Census is better on Fold3

Some people wonder why we offer the 1930 US Census while other sites already have it. We believe we offer a richer experience at exploring the census. See the lives of people, not just names.

  1. Searching the 1930 Census indexes will always be free
  2. Instantly see names you searched in the Fold3 Viewer
  3. Add stories and pictures to a name
  4. Choose "I'm related" to show your relationship
  5. Be instantly notified when anything has been added to a person you are interested in.
  1. Memorialize a person instantly with a webpage, and you can even share it on™
  2. Connect any of millions of documents
  3. Add your comments, memories to a name
  4. Connect with others that have similar interests
  5. Easier to find alternate names and spelling with Fold3 search

Viewing the 1930 US Census

Fold3 viewer and the 1930 census