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Fold3’s 1930 US Federal Census takes a remarkable resource and makes it better for historians and genealogists by letting anyone quickly enrich it with photos, documents, stories or other facts about that person.

This is how a person record will look in the 1930 US Census on Fold3

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On Fold3 it's different. Simply find your grandfather, mother or other relative and click "I'm Related." That way you'll improve your chances of connecting with others who can help tell the rest of their story.

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What do you remember of your grandmother or father? Did they walk you to church on Sundays or sneak caramels into your hand when Mom and Dad weren’t watching?

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Memorial page about a person

See their life story in more detail

Memories and photos added to a person in the 1930 Census will automatically be attached to a Fold3 Person Page, which shows all events on a timeline and maps important locations of that person’s life. More details means your Person Pages will be more findable by search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Easily have a page about a person in minutes

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Connect any of millions of documents

Connect any documents you have access to on Fold3 to your Person Pages—like city directories, naturalization documents, service records and newspapers.

Add related documents found on Fold3 or from your uploads

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Top 10 reasons why 1930 US Census is better to search and view on Fold3

Gather your stories of The Greatest Generation.

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Occupation & industry

Home value, rent or own 1930 census

Home value & other data

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Language spoken & literacy

Person, Mother and Father Birth places 1930 US census

Birth place of person & parents

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