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Fold3 provides convenient access to US military records, including the stories, photos, and personal documents of the men and women who served. Perfect for genealogists, researchers, historians and more.

123,494,704 records in Free Records

Collection Title # of Records
Social Security Death Index  FREEMore Info 94,319,409
Veterans Affairs BIRLS Death File  FREEMore Info 13,537,417
WWII Army Enlistment Records  FREEMore Info 8,800,037
Holocaust-Era Assets · show 31 titles 1,949,949
War of 1812 Pension Files  FREE UpdatedMore Info 1,898,198
American Colonization Society  FREEMore Info 347,247
WWII Captured German Records  FREEMore Info 323,112
American Battle Monuments Commission  FREEMore Info 242,002
Bounty-Land Warrant Applications Index  FREEMore Info 221,806
Continental Congress - Papers  FREEMore Info 172,889
WWII Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard Casualty List  FREEMore Info 151,677
Project Blue Book - UFO Investigations  FREEMore Info 129,825
Pennsylvania Archives  FREEMore Info 118,916
State Dept Records - France  FREEMore Info 114,744
Korean War Casualties  FREEMore Info 109,961
Dachau Entry Registers  FREEMore Info 105,658
WWII US Air Force Photos  FREEMore Info 100,695
Vietnam Service Awards  FREEMore Info 91,967
State Dept Records - Russia  FREEMore Info 86,793
Flossenburg Entry Registers  FREEMore Info 78,490
Heitman's Register and Dictionary of the US Army  FREEMore Info 60,091
Vietnam Veterans Memorial  FREEMore Info 58,722
Contributed Military Group Records · show 8 titles 54,256
New York State Adjutant General Reports, 1846-1995  FREEMore Info 50,293
Photos - Vietnam War Army  FREEMore Info 39,547
Mauthausen Death Books  FREEMore Info 38,624
South Carolina Estate Inventories and Bills of Sale, 1732-1872  FREEMore Info 36,846
Virginia Papers · show 2 titles 31,471
WWII Nuernberg Interrogation Records  FREEMore Info 29,466
Navy and Marine Corps Officers, 1775-1900  FREEMore Info 26,207
WWII German Documents Among War Crimes Records  FREEMore Info 19,217
Photos - Vietnam Marine Corps (B/W)  FREEMore Info 14,975
Lincoln Assassination Papers  FREEMore Info 12,095
Ratified Amendments to the US Constitution  FREEMore Info 9,935
Photos - Vietnam War Navy  FREEMore Info 8,882
Pentagon Papers  FREEMore Info 8,303
Town Records - South Boston, VA  FREEMore Info 8,024
Photos - Brady Civil War  FREEMore Info 7,843
Town Records - Hancock NH  FREEMore Info 7,473
Civil War Photos  FREEMore Info 7,311
Continental Congress - Misc  FREEMore Info 7,112
Photos - Fine Arts Commission, Series G  FREEMore Info 6,906
Casualties from Iraq and Afghanistan Conflicts · show 3 titles 6,632
Photos - Vietnam War Marine Corps  FREEMore Info 5,233
Medal of Honor Recipients, 1863-2013  FREEMore Info 4,765
Anti-Slavery Manuscripts Collection  FREEMore Info 4,515
Foreign Burial of American War Dead  FREEMore Info 4,206
New York 174th Regiment Service Cards  FREEMore Info 2,864
New York State Military Museum Photos (Civil War - Vietnam War)  FREEMore Info 2,330
Civil War Maps  FREEMore Info 2,186
Sultana Disaster, April 1865  FREEMore Info 2,068
Photos - Truman  FREEMore Info 1,568
Photos - Franklin D Roosevelt  FREEMore Info 1,329
Pearl Harbor, USS Arizona Memorial  FREEMore Info 1,243
National WWI Museum Portrait Photographs  FREEMore Info 1,105
Civil War Horse Soldier Artifacts Collection  FREEMore Info 1,086
George Washington Correspondence  FREEMore Info 1,063
Town Records - Goffstown NH  FREEMore Info 1,034
Amistad - Supreme Court records  FREEMore Info 1,031
Amistad - Federal court records  FREEMore Info 755
Photos - Eisenhower  FREEMore Info 667
WWII 27th Army Division Photos  FREEMore Info 599
Deseret Iron Company Account Book (UT)  FREEMore Info 594
Photos - Coolidge  FREEMore Info 531
Constitutional Convention Records  FREEMore Info 488
Foreign Letters of the Continental Congress  FREEMore Info 477
WWI Panoramic Unit Photos  FREEMore Info 465
American Milestone Documents · show 8 titles 412
Casualties from Persian Gulf War  FREEMore Info 382
Custer's Court Martial  FREEMore Info 349
Photos - Native Americans (Rinehart)  FREEMore Info 174
Photos - WW II Japanese  FREEMore Info 162

335,979,504 records from other collections on Fold3

Collection Title # of Records
Census - US Federal 1930 More Info 127,216,146
Civil War Service Records · show 2 titles 38,738,851
WWII Navy Muster Rolls More Info 36,012,168
Census - US Federal 1860 More Info 27,831,495
WWII "Old Man's Draft" Registration Cards More Info 15,742,744
Naturalization Records · show 2 titles 7,651,837
Census - US Federal 1920 More Info 6,675,672
Census - US Federal 1910 More Info 6,639,256
Civil War "Widows' Pensions" More Info 4,924,657
Census - US Federal 1900 More Info 4,703,703
Army Registers, 1798-1969 More Info 3,766,542
Headstone Applications, 1925-1963 More Info 3,634,616
Texas Death Certificates More Info 3,130,225
Civil War Pensions Index More Info 2,993,512
City Directories · show 22 titles 2,677,031
Revolutionary War Pensions More Info 2,457,257
Revolutionary War Service Records More Info 2,376,511
FBI Case Files More Info 2,313,905
Newspapers · show 7 titles 2,167,653
Confederate Citizens File More Info 2,048,048
WWII War Diaries More Info 2,040,123
Navy Survivors' Certificates More Info 1,972,016
WWII Draft Registration Cards More Info 1,968,035
Pearl Harbor Muster Rolls More Info 1,858,179
Pension Numerical Index More Info 1,802,405
Homestead Records (NE) More Info 1,728,471
Navy Widows' Certificates More Info 1,718,861
Army Register of Enlistments, 1798-1914 More Info 1,442,026
War of 1812 Service Records · show 5 titles 1,266,366
Navy Muster Rolls, 1949-1971 More Info 1,029,344
Dawes Packets More Info 883,821
WWII Cadet Nursing Corps Card Files More Info 804,101
Passport Applications, 1795-1905 More Info 706,900
Navy and Marine Corps Officer Registers More Info 671,868
Southern Claims Commission · show 6 titles 646,503
Spanish-American War Service Record Index More Info 602,851
Letters Received by the Adjutant General, 1822-1860 More Info 575,938
New York Civil War Muster Roll Abstracts More Info 544,935
Letters Received by Commission Branch, 1863-1870 More Info 522,869
Union Citizens File More Info 501,440
Letters Received by the Adjutant General, 1861-1870 More Info 486,149
WWI - State Dept Records More Info 479,892
Navy Survivors' Originals (Disapproved) More Info 469,008
Navy Cruise Books, 1918-2009 More Info 447,723
Eastern Cherokee Applications More Info 428,342
Indian Census Rolls, 1885-1940 More Info 424,562
Texas Birth Certificates More Info 368,642
Letters Received by the Adjutant General, 1871-1880 More Info 334,977
Navy Widows' Originals (Disapproved) More Info 333,083
Mexican War Service Records · show 7 titles 320,798
WWII Army and Army Air Force Casualty List More Info 311,339
Naval Enlistment Weekly Returns, 1855-1891 More Info 297,572
Cuyahoga County Birth Returns (OH) More Info 262,454
Missing Air Crew Reports, WWII More Info 254,545
New York Civil War Regiment Lists More Info 232,807
WWI New York Army Cards  UpdatedMore Info 195,659
Domestic Letters of the Department of State More Info 187,044
WWII European Theater Army Records More Info 171,975
Rendezvous Reports Index - Before and After Civil War More Info 170,991
Rendezvous Reports Index - Civil War More Info 157,396
Massachusetts Vital Records More Info 154,042
Massachusetts Vital Record Transcripts More Info 132,712
WWII Foreign Military Studies, 1945-54 More Info 132,488
Letters Received by the Adjutant General, 1805-1821 More Info 132,310
Guion Miller Roll More Info 125,168
Massachusetts Vital Records (Boston) More Info 124,248
Confidential Correspondence of the Navy, 1919-1927 More Info 119,777
Revolutionary War Rolls More Info 106,110
Letters Received by Commission Branch, 1874-1894 More Info 104,750
Indian Wars Service Record Index More Info 99,795
Confederate Amnesty Papers More Info 84,298
Service Records of Volunteers, 1784-1811 More Info 79,918
Massachusetts Printed Vital Records More Info 78,023
Gorrell's History - AEF Air Service More Info 77,583
Dawes Enrollment Cards More Info 76,296
New York National Guard Personnel Jackets More Info 72,614
Massachusetts Vital Records Index 1841-1895 More Info 69,955
Connecticut WWI Service Rosters More Info 69,759
Final Payment Vouchers Index for Military Pensions, 1818-1864 More Info 68,979
Confederate Navy Subject File More Info 68,758
Civil War Subversion Investigations More Info 62,826
Final Statements, 1862-1899 More Info 60,436
WWII Submarine Patrol Reports More Info 58,264
Utah Territorial Case Files More Info 39,599
Social Security Death Index  FREE 39,058
Numbered Record Books More Info 35,950
Civil War - Official Records of Union and Confederate Navies More Info 28,007
Mormon Battalion Pension Files More Info 27,100
Registro Central de Esclavos More Info 25,090
Rendezvous Reports Index - WWI Armed Guard Personnel More Info 23,407
Spanish-American War Service Records - Florida More Info 23,045
WWII JAG Case Files, Pacific - Navy More Info 19,863
WWI Supreme War Council, American records More Info 19,284
WWI Military Cablegrams - AEF and War Dept More Info 17,251
Cherokee Indian Agency (TN) More Info 12,629
Hesse Crown Jewels Court-Martial More Info 12,435
War of 1812 Prize Cases, Southern Dist Court, NY More Info 12,133
Admiralty Records, Key West More Info 11,821
WWI Officer Experience Reports - AEF More Info 11,143
Ratified Indian Treaties More Info 10,098
Navy Casualty Reports, 1776-1941 More Info 10,050
Danish West Indies - Slavery and Emancipation More Info 9,976
Boston Public Library Collections More Info 8,466
Final Payment Vouchers - Georgia More Info 8,252
Japanese Air Target Analyses More Info 7,871
Revolutionary War Prize Cases - Captured Vessels More Info 7,670
Revolutionary War Service Records - Navy More Info 7,309
Military Intelligence Division - Negro Subversion More Info 6,940
Board of Commissioners - Emancipation of Slaves in DC More Info 6,203
Civil War - MA 54th Infantry Regiment Records More Info 5,988
Sec of the Interior - Suppression of Slave Trade and Colonization More Info 5,481
Revolutionary War Manuscript File More Info 4,963
Confederate Casualty Reports More Info 4,748
Rendezvous Reports Index - WWI Naval Auxiliary Service More Info 4,200
WWII Naval Press Clippings More Info 4,194
WWII JAG Case Files, Pacific - Army More Info 3,973
Court Slave Records for DC More Info 3,574
WWII Allied Military Conferences More Info 3,536
New York National Guard Shooting Matches More Info 2,263
Revolutionary War Service and Imprisonment Cards More Info 2,221
District of Columbia More Info 2,066
New York Army National Guard Service Cards (Selected) More Info 2,019
US Expeditionary Force, North Russia More Info 2,000
General Orders of Confederate War Dept More Info 1,702
Bayland Orphan Home Records More Info 1,594
New York 74th Regiment Service Cards More Info 770
Final Payment Vouchers - Delaware More Info 614